My Best Posts of 2013

I’m a little late on looking back, but I wrote 67 posts in 2013. Here’s my top 10 list of what I consider my best writing, thoughts, or analysis on this blog in 2013, in order from best to 10th-best:

  1. Why Mrs. Carter will not Set You Free
  2. The Jesus in Grandmama’s House
  3. Flawed Women, Fearless Writers
  4. Pure Black Power
  5. White Girl Dipped in Chocolate?
  6. The Value of Old Womanhood
  7. Okay, I’ll Take Gratitude
  8. The Right to Have Standards
  9. Is There a Wrong Reason to Want a Partner?
  10. How Lessons from a Baby Shower Could Save the World

Do you have favorite posts from 2013? Share them in the comments!



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