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A warning about the study of film and theatre

A warning to anyone considering a degree in filmmaking, directing, cinematography, screenwriting, playwriting, theater performance, or even film studies: Once you take these classes, you will never be able to look at film or theatre the same way again.

Black snobs and trained filmmakers may love Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls”
colored-girls-cast via

I want to see Tyler Perry’s, For Colored Girls. I want to see a Tyler Perry movie, and it makes me feel all weird on my snooty intellectual insides. I’ve never hated Perry for reaching out to a neglected audience. I’ve simply been annoyed that work so flawed received such popular acclaim.

NPR was wrong for firing Juan Williams

What I think about NPR firing Juan Williams

Thrivalerious outsider, but not alone
John Kobara, Nichelle Nichols and me at the IF10 Opening Reception

Thoughts, reflections and excerpts from Thrivals 3.0 at the 2010 Idea Festival.

Age is disrupting my perfect vision of motherhood

Getting used to sharing space for the rest of your life with one person is challenging enough. I say why not work on that, and hopefully enjoy it, before becoming parents? But motherhood trends are pointing a different direction. Yes, the perfect scenario for motherhood is changing, and age has a lot to do with it.

Predicting God’s will on November 2

I’m worried that the results of Election Day 2010 could make Christianity a hard sell. What if the Tea Party movement is actually of God?

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