Support the Mission

I’m reviving the idea of patrons supporting individual artists and writers. Between this blog, freelance op-ed writing, and the essays and poems I pen that don’t get published anywhere, I write at least two books every year. The vast majority of my work is available for free. No paywalls. No subscription requirement. Just a mission┬áto help guide readers to new revelations, speak the unspeakable, and heal deeply shadowed wounds by using various literary forms to connect history, spirituality, and critical analysis of the present, and to interweave these connections with autobiography.

To paraphrase Chance the Rapper, I do this for freedom, but I don’t want to do it for free forever. If you appreciate the effort and would like to donate to help make production expenses (i.e., materials, travel, per diem, conference registration, workshop tuition, residency fees, application fees, time, etc.–who said art was free to the artist?!) for future bylines and projects accessible, please click the button below.