Monthly Archives: June 2010
Loving like Zambia
Zambia N. photo

I could chalk my lack of a loving spirit up to hospitality just not being my gift, but if I am made in God’s image and am to imitate Christ, then I am not only required to be a better servant, but I am also fully capable of doing so–freely, fully and unconditionally.

The one you did for Part 2

Providing dollars for the family isn’t a father’s only responsibility. A girl with no father figure in her life will come in contact with plenty of men who value her talents over her sexuality, but hearing it at home first inspires a certain level of confidence in a girl that will continue throughout her life.

The one you did for

A father’s role – part one

The Sacred Vow

What do black women and Catholic priests have in common?

I’ve been corrupted

I have rated myself against women I’ve never seen in person, who I see in the context of magazines and television shows, media whose true purpose is to reimburse their beauty product advertisers with my dollars.

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