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  1. Mark Singleton

    Really engaging read. Makes me wanna hear the album.

    • Miss Mariam


      You definitely should. It’s really just one song (Rocket) that sounds like gospel, but I think the whole album is worth listening to. Thanks for reading!

  2. Cynthia

    Exceptionally strong commentary, and the photo is gorgeous. Without having heard the song, I could write a story myself using it as a jumping-off point.

    As usual, much of what you say relates just as honestly to the experiences of non-Black feminists with Christian or other mainstream religious backgrounds. When I examine the layers of oppression, it becomes clear to me that “intersectionality” is made up of many concentric circles woven into the whole cloth. How do we become safe enough and strong enough in our feminism to get to the point we can truly celebrate diversity while we just as truly dive into the universal layers of our experiences?

    This is tremendously thought-provoking. We need to meet for lunch some Saturday!

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