My Best Posts of 2013

I’m a little late on looking back, but I wrote 67 posts in 2013. Here’s my top 10 list of…

Why Mrs. Carter Will Not Set You Free
Beyonce still from "mine"

I said I wouldn’t write about this because I knew I wouldn’t download the album until after Christmas and my…

The Jesus in Grandmama’s House
Italian Christ

In “The Comfort of a Sweet, Black, Dreadlocked Jesus,” I recalled the image of Jesus Christ as depicted in a painting…

What I Learned While Blogging Like Crazy
finish line

I almost did it. #BlogLikeCrazy has come to an end, and I came close to meeting the goal of posting…

Food, Family and a Little Conflict for Thanksgiving
mom and child statue

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner—or whatever you might call the meal you eat at 3:00 p.m.—surprised me. First, the food was amazing….

5 Things I’m Both Thankful for and Happy About
gratitude only

It’s the obligatory Thanksgiving Day post. Mine is composed of the few things I’m not only thankful for but happy…

What makes me a feminist?
What I'm reading as a student of history and feminism

What makes me a feminist? I’ve been thinking about this question since my feminism history class last night. We were…

‘It’s a Different World’ from what this trailblazer thought, but we still love her

  It’s rare you hear a speech other than a eulogy that’s sad, beautiful, encouraging and unexpected all at the…

Smiling to False Standards
Me at age 5 or 6

I recently came across a post on a Facebook page asking women what they didn’t like about themselves when they…

The Feminist First Lady Question Continues
First family 2009

Since reading a few comments to “Michelle Obama is role model, but maybe not a feminist one,” my most recent…

I’m a Terrible Student, but I’m Still Learning
Bart Simpson at the board

At around 5:00 pm yesterday, I looked at the clock and the work I still had before me to complete….

How Well Do Kids Know God?
children praying

I watched a video on Facebook today of a little who might have been four or five years old mimicking…

Why Losing Your Virginity Is Always a Public Spectacle
True Love Waits

I could probably blog for a year on all the issues brought up in this interview   with 19-year-old London art…

How to Support a Writer
lean on me

  I can think of at least three things I’d rather be doing right now instead of writing a blog…

First Lady Love (The Other First Lady)
church lady hat

  No, not Mellie, even though I am writing this after Scandal. At a housewarming party last week for a…

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