Redbone Afropuff in Transition



Last month, I unveiled my new personal mission statement: to help Black women and girls in my community discover the power and importance of their own voices by sharing my story and the histories of other Black women, via writing, podcasts, and radio documentaries. To that end, I have to make some slight adjustments to this blog. I’ve resolved to use my blog as a space to tell my story as I transition from a religious woman to a spiritual woman, from a perspective academic to a creative writer and, I hope, from a single feminist to a married one. You will still see my rants about racism and patriarchy, and occasionally, I may find myself able to write fast enough to respond to current events coherently and with righteous indignation. And surprises are ahead as I continue experimenting with audio storytelling. I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me.

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3 thoughts on “Redbone Afropuff in Transition

  1. I am hanging with you. Love your writing. You are indeed deeply thoughtful and you keep me encouraged.

  2. Mariam,
    I believe you and my wife Veneta would get along well. She is Director of Cranaleith Spiritual Center in Philadelphia. They are an open and accepting group. Give her a call and explore their work ( Wishing you continued success with your vision.

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