Repentance is the answer (when Jesus is the cause)

I’m among the million or so people who have seen NFL player Benjamin Watson’s Facebook post about Ferguson, but in contrast to many of my Christian friends, I haven’t “Liked” it. The answer to the frustration, fear, and anger Watson feels, and the answer to racism, is Jesus, says Watson. I find this ironic because Christianity has long played a starring role in the dehumanization of people of African descent (check out chapter 1 of the book in the link).

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean Watson is wrong. (On a theological side note, though, I know people of many religions and some of none at all who don’t show any inclinations toward anti-blackness, and I’m not sure Jesus could improve them in this regard.) It means repentance from Christians, especially white Christians, for perpetuating racism is necessary before we can move forward as a country. Read more at National Catholic Reporter.

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