Food, Family and a Little Conflict for Thanksgiving

Image by GlennBrown via Flickr/Creative Commons

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner—or whatever you might call the meal you eat at 3:00 p.m.—surprised me. First, the food was amazing. I had just told someone I’ve grown bored with the never-changing menu year after year, but yesterday’s traditional Thanksgiving spread tasted so good, I forgot all about my vow not to bring home leftovers.

Second, I didn’t feel as out of place as I expected to feel. I thought I would be writing a post today about being outside the motherhood circle. My family is mostly women, and most of the women are also mothers. Two cousins had babies just this month. I can’t talk about pregnancy, labor, breast feeding, formula and diapers by experience, but my family doesn’t talk about any of that anyway. We just hold the babies, which I didn’t do for very long because there are so many of us to pass the babies around to.

I did feel a little conflicted later on when one of my cousins posted a five-generation photo on Facebook. It’s a rare thing to be able to capture a matriarch with her daughter, granddaughters, great-grandaughter and great-great-grandson all in one picture, and it must be a wonderful thing to live long enough to see so many descendents. However, this can’t occur unless at least one mom is a young one, and despite how much I love my family, and how adorable they are, I’m never excited when this is the case. On the other hand, I’m happy that my youngest cousin with a baby won’t be 33, dateless, prospectless, wanting a baby and thinking about the risks of advanced maternal age.

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2 thoughts on “Food, Family and a Little Conflict for Thanksgiving

  1. Hello Miss Williams,

    I was perusing blogs for something related to a story I was looking to share on my own blog and I came across your blog and I must say thank God for the ability and the opportunity to surf the web…seriously, your blog constantly urged me to read further, I was impressed by your approach to the areas of love,relationship and just being a black woman in contemporary society. I was so impressed that I mentioned your blog in my post(hope you don’t mind) Keep up the great work and blog on!

    Earnest Lewis

    1. Hi Earnest,

      I somehow missed this comment and am responding to it late, but I want to say thank you! I’m so glad you came across the blog and that you found what you were looking for and more. Yes, it’s almost always okay for you to link back to content you found here. Please come back again!


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