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Why black men should see Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

If you’ve ever gone to a Tyler Perry play or movie and returned home feeling like you paid to see black men receive a collective slap in the face, this play is your answer. There’s no light-skinned, and/or blue-collar hero saving the abused woman from the evil dark-skinned and/or professional man. No choir will sing. There will be no weddings and no one will come to Jesus at the end.

Lady in Redbone Afropuff’s changes to “For Colored Girls”

Seven drastic changes that would make the film, “For Colored Girls,” (ahem) better. Yeah, I said it.

Black snobs and trained filmmakers may love Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls”
colored-girls-cast via rap-up.com

I want to see Tyler Perry’s, For Colored Girls. I want to see a Tyler Perry movie, and it makes me feel all weird on my snooty intellectual insides. I’ve never hated Perry for reaching out to a neglected audience. I’ve simply been annoyed that work so flawed received such popular acclaim.

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