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Black Father-Daughter Talk

A podcast featuring a 30-something black woman and her dad, talking about life. Click here to listen. (I hadn’t actually made…

At school with the boss’s kids

One day at the grade school That had been ordered To desegregate only, Virginia saw the red clutch bag On…

Notes on a dying generation

Our collective national history is nothing without the experiences of individuals, and our people are willing to share their stories. RedboneAfropuff.com asks you to listen for those stories and to share them here.

When you see a woman drive
My cousin (at the wheel) and me on my grandmother's bus

Women didn’t drive very often when my maternal grandmother was a girl.

Food for the Soul
my mom, two of my aunts, and one uncle, when they were kids

On Mothers’ Day, I went to my grandmother’s house and forgot to eat. How did I go to grandma’s house and FORGET to eat physical food? I nibbled on some food for my soul instead.

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