Redbone Afropuff is Moving – Thank You and Farewell

Dear Readers,

I’ve been blogging at Redbone Afropuff & Black GRITS since 2009. It’s been a great run, but as my posts have become more sporadic and my writing and other professional work have shifted, I’ve found I need to blog on my personal site less, submit to major publications more, and generally spruce up my web presence. That’s why this will be the last post on

I have moved to The site is both personal and professional, and I’m still blogging there. I’ve reposted most of what I consider to be my best and favorite posts from here, plus new musings not published anywhere else. This blog will remain up for as long as I keep paying for the domain so you’ll be able to access posts all the way back to the beginning. The page for the new blog has posed some challenges for me and my web design skill set, but it’s still up and running, and you can read anything on it. Within the next month, I will transfer everyone currently subscribed to Redbone Afropuff & Black GRITS to a new subscriber list so you can keep up with the less frequent posts, two of which are already up, here and here. A subscription opt-in for all new visitors is coming soon as well as other options for how you can continue to support the mission.

I’m currently taking suggestions for classes and workshops you might like to see a writer, educator, and public historian (like me) teach or facilitate online or in person, and I thank you in advance for any thoughts on that or the move you might leave in the comments section below.

Thank you so, so very much for hanging in there on this journey of faith, family, feminism, history, writing life, and everything this blog has morphed into and out of over the past eight years. Recently, I had asked a friend who enjoys editing and whose tastes are discerning to edit a long-form essay I began writing 18 months ago. Of it she said, “This is one of the most beautiful pieces of writing that I have EVER read. My only compliant is that I wish it were longer and in the form of a book that you could sign for me. I have included some comments and suggestions, but overall it is fantastic! It is raw, insightful, inviting (as you take us in very early on), and simply fantastic.” I note that to make the point: you haven’t seen much here because I’ve been working on so much elsewhere, but there is still an abundance of material to come. I hope you’ll stay with me.



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One thought on “Redbone Afropuff is Moving – Thank You and Farewell

  1. Best wishes! Looking forward to my subscription to the new site when the transfer takes place. I’d visit now except for the fact that I am buried in tasks after returning from a six-day residency in poetry at MASS MoCA.

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