A lesson from the Catholic Church: Demand change, believe survivors
elaborate interior of Catholic church with sun shining through stained-glass windows

Photo by DavidYuWeb via Flickr, Creative Commons

I see parallels between the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church and the slow awakening we are witnessing throughout the country about the realities of police violence against people of color–and not just in the growing survivors network of people terrorized by police. Read more.

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2 thoughts on “A lesson from the Catholic Church: Demand change, believe survivors

  1. Don’t forget that any and everyone who accuses a priest of sexual misconduct is BELIEVED. Once the USCCB passed The Dallas Charter, it gave every low life a reason to accuse the guilty as well as the innocent: money! The dioceses threw money at the accusers in the hope that they would go away. They did go away, with a lot of the parishioners money. The bishops did not and still do not ask for proof of misconduct. They have abandoned their priests and allowed the likes of SNAP and VOTF to find/produce “accusers” and they share the money. May the Lord forgive them.

    1. There are definitely documented cases of therapists manipulating clients into believing they were sexually abused as children when they weren’t, and I guess there are adults who lie about sexual abuse, but I think that anyone who comes forward with a secret that is always treated as shameful and that they’ve been burdened with them for a long time should be believed until proven a liar. There are so many victims who never say anything about their abuse; they just endure it. (http://www.secasa.com.au/pages/is-the-child-victim-of-sexual-abuse-telling-the-truth/) The lawsuits that have bankrupted some parishes are the result of the Church failing to act when and in the way it should have, not the result of scores of adults lying about sexual abuse.

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