The Battle Is On

I’m writing and posting this way later than I intended, because this morning, sleep won the first battle and the dishes won the second. A slow computer wounded me during the third, and the fourth victory went to work–my job–a steady stream of to-do lists quickly multiplying themselves like Li’l Bébé’s Kids. Then inspiration struck on the very night I decided to leave my iPad at home and spend my time on the treadmill relaxing instead of typing.


And now we’ve come full circle. Sleep—now teamed up with a beat-up gym body, an overworked mind and cold-let’s-just-snuggle-under-the-covers-temperatures–is back in the fight.


But still I blog. Because the words on the page are why I do this. No picture to entice you to read. Just words. Just 10 minutes on the keys. Because it is writing. Because it is discipline. Because this is what it’s about, every day.


A writer writes.


I win.

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