Currently is today’s #BlogLikeCrazy prompt. I’ve never written a post about what I’m into at the moment, but I’m determined to fulfill this challenge and write every day, so here’s what I’m …


Watching: Scandal. This is the only television show I watch religiously at the time it comes on. I’ve also been trying to catch Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s PBS series, The African Americans.

Listening to: Silence whenever I can. There’s so much noise out there. But when I need some spiritual uplift, I go to Spotify and pull up Fred Hammond’s Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3. So sad I lost this CD; commercials disrupt the flow.


Planning: Activities surrounding the annual lecture at my job, which happens Nov. 20th. Writing this makes me realize I really should be planning for something well beyond that, like how I’m going to manage my time from Dec. 13th when my final for class is turned in and the end of the year so that I can progress on my book, but right now it feels like Nov. 20th is the end of all things. Maybe those plans will be my post on the 21st.

Thinking about: History. I work for an organization that promotes it, we have a fantastic historian I’m excited to hear coming for our annual lecture, I’m taking a class called “History of U.S. Feminisms,” and I’m digging through archival material to complete a project for class. I also have a shelf full of my own miscellaneous papers to write my memoir. There’s so much information out there still to be digested. Friendship, community, aloneness, loneliness and what I really want to do with my life all have also been on my mind lately.
Looking forward to: Nov. 21st and the week after when the university closes at noon on Wednesday for Thanksgiving break!

Reading: For class only lately. Separate Roads to Feminism and Tales of the Lavender Menace were the latest books. In the archival material I’m digging through, I’m reading about black women feminist arts activists and about cross-racial feminist coalition building through grant proposals and newsletters from the 1990s.

Doing that’s making me happy: Writing daily, being able to run and dance again after injuring my back. Still can’t do a full-blast, high-intensity workout for more than about six minutes, but I’m thankful for the progress.


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