7 Crazy Things
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I’ve made a commitment to #BlogLikeCrazy this month, an action I believe is necessary but also for real for real cray-cray, because there are so many valid reasons not to and so many obstacles standing in the way.

But doing it anyway has me thinking, what other crazy things should I maybe think about doing anyway, despite logic and mountain-high hurdles? I came up with 7:

1. Move to a new city.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: Job, family and community ties are here, moving is hella expensive and the cost of living anywhere else I would want to live is well beyond what I could reasonably earn with my bachelor’s degree.
  • Why do it anyway: Wanderlust. I’m single and have no children and therefore have no one else’s life or welfare tied to my decisions or whims, and I don’t think I’m living in the place where I want to settle.

2. Quit my job and become a full-time student.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: I still owe money to Sallie Mae for that undergraduate loan, and as a university employee, three credit hours costs me $99 instead of about $1800.
  • Why do it anyway: As a university employee and a slow reader, I can take only one class at a time without killing myself. I could get a master’s degree much faster if I went to school full time.

3. Just get the MFA already.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: That pesky tuition again. Mine may be free, but my university doesn’t offer an MFA in creative writing. So there’s also quitting my job and probably moving and those related hurdles. Oh, and the fear I’ll end up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and still not have a job in my field or a higher income.
  • Why do it anyway: It’s what I want.
If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it. -Erada

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4. Find a new church home.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: Laziness. Really nothing deeper than that.
  • Why do it anyway: If the familiar doesn’t leave you spiritually fulfilled, you should go where you can grow. It’s common sense.

5. Put 50% of my paycheck into savings.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: Sallie Mae. I hate that woman. Also, blogging like crazy requires coffee and a hiatus from cooking.
  • Why do it anyway: I could save enough to do 1-3.

6. Say something like, “Hey, you’ve made eye contact with me repeatedly. Do you want to maybe say hello or ask for my number or get coffee?” to every man who makes eye contact with me repeatedly.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: Shyness. Not my style. Also, every man? Really?
  • Why do it anyway: I’m writing this on a Friday night at 10:00 pm in a coffee shop. I’m sitting next to a college-age kid studying what appears to be organic chemistry, and six people with gray and white hair are at a table a few feet away.

7. Take all the logistics skills I use in event planning, get some additional training and go make some real money in a manufacturing job.

  • Logic and/or obstacle: Please.
  • Why do it anyway: Did I mention the money?

Okay, your turn. What would you do if it weren’t crazy?

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