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Notes from a Daughter of Greatness

“Intergenerational Prostitution.” These words greeted viewers at yesterday morning’s Daughters of Greatness breakfast. I’ve become a regular attendee at the Ali…

A Glamorous Humanitarian

First, epic fail on my part for not taking any photos at the “Diana: A Celebration” exhibit at Frazier History…

Is Phil. 4:13 destroying America?

This Op-Ed was published in the Courier-Journal on Aug. 12, 2011, and it can’t be found on the Courier-Journal’s website….

Loving like Zambia
Zambia N. photo

I could chalk my lack of a loving spirit up to hospitality just not being my gift, but if I am made in God’s image and am to imitate Christ, then I am not only required to be a better servant, but I am also fully capable of doing so–freely, fully and unconditionally.

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